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How to choose conveying equipment

Date : 2021-06-18

There are currently three popular conveyors on the market, namely pneumatic conveyors, screw conveyors, and tube chain conveyors. A customer asked me which conveying equipment should be used for granular materials. Today, I will answer the questions based on the points that the user pays attention to when conveying materials.

Regarding the integrity of granular materials. Screw conveyors use screws for conveying. During the conveying process, the screw and the pipe wall will friction, which will cause damage to the granular materials; the pneumatic conveyors are conveyed by pneumatic force, the air pressure will be relatively large, and the pressure generated at a moment will be relatively large. , It will also cause damage to the particulate material; the tube chain conveyor advances the particulate material at a uniform speed through the uniform motion of the disc, so as to transport, the friction between the disc and the pipe wall is small, and there is basically no friction between the particulate material. Therefore, the granular material will be relatively complete, and the damage rate is negligible compared with the other two conveying methods.

Regarding environmental issues, the tube chain conveyor is even better. The distance of screw conveyor is relatively short, it is well known that dust will be generated in the process of conveying materials, which will pollute the environment; pneumatic conveyor needs an external dust collector, dust will still leak out to the outside environment; while the pipe chain conveyor is completely airtight , No need to add a dust collector, granular materials are run in a closed pipeline, and the production environment can meet national standards.

The pipe chain conveyor is composed of pipelines, which can change the conveying direction in three dimensions. It can be controlled vertically, inclined, lifted, and turned. It is suitable for a variety of terrains and will not be affected by height or angle. This is a screw conveyor and pneumatic conveying. Machine does not have. The pipe chain conveyor can be equipped with multiple inlets at will, and various catalysts can be added during the conveying process; the conveying capacity is large but the energy consumption is lower than the other two conveying equipment; it can be conveyed over a long distance; it is convenient for maintenance and maintenance.